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Your Precious Dream List for 2017

Instead having a New Year's Resolution, I suggest keeping five "dream" lists for the future!

Ever notice how people go crazy trying to have a New Year's Resolution?  Like losing weight or starting to go to the gym or eating healthier. These are all great resolutions but hardly ever kept for the new year.  Instead of having a New Year's Resolution, we suggest keeping five "dream" lists for the future.

Here at Treasured Girl we have the following lists. We may not be able to get it all done but it will inspire you to get "something" done within your new year.

 1- Things You Want To Do:

Ever wanted to go horse back riding, take a long walk on the beach and collect seashells, or maybe there is something cool that someone has done that you may want to try, then put it on the list. Making a list is like haviing a goal.


 2- Places You Want To Go:

Got any friends or family who like to travel? Then ask them to take you with them next time.  Make a list of all the places you want to go wether is to a particular park, state, country...etc.  Allow yourself to dream and make plans to get there.

 3- People You Want To See:

You know that friend that lives 45 minutes away but you never get to see her because you don't have time or its too far?  Not this year - she will be on your list and you will make time and arrangements to go see her.

 4- Skills You Want To Learn:

Here at Treasured Girl we believe in having and gaining knowledge so we encourage you to make a list of things you would like to learn in 2017. Roller blading, singing, playing an instrument, drawing, sewing, making jewelry, selling t-shirts.... you name it the possibilities are endless and with the help of God all things are possible.

 5- Issues You Think Are Important:

With so many things going wrong in this world we can get a little overwhelmed with our thoughts and actions. Make a list of issues you think are important and see how you can pray for those things and aid in making them better.

See this is so much better than having just one New Year's Resolution - so go ahead make your list check it twice and get ready to sparkle in 2017!

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